Here is another very tasty Oscar Peterson lick. Again, very diatonic except for the b9 over the F7 chord. It’s his use of rhythm and swing with some nuances that makes all of his lines so great. He loves to use triplets as well. If you notice in the video there is a slight delay with the grace note too. Try and get the feeling of this delay to capture the essence of the line, as adding delays in the rhythm can add to the phrasing of your line. Enjoy!

Picture of Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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  1. Hey Brendan I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your unselfish and unique teaching. If you are still taking students for your core group I would like to be a part of that. Thank you and Happy New year

  2. Hey Piano Man!

    Thank you very much for your kind words! I appreciate you leaving them as a blog comment. I’m currently not taking on new students at this time but trying to work out my schedule so that this may be possible in the up coming months. I will definitely keep you updated. Hope you had a great new year as well!

    Keep me updated on your progress and feel free to ask any questions about the site.

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