Benny Green – Decidedly (From the album “Greens”) [LOTW #87]

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Once again, another nice 2536251 progression that fits perfectly. Benny uses approaches very well. Especially approaches that are anticipating another harmony. For example in the first measure after he gets to the F# he jumps back up to an A over the Bb7 chord. If he were using the chord scale this note would be an Ab, but because he is setting up for the G-7 already he chooses to use the A natural to lead into the G-7 harmonies. He resolves to the fifth of the G-7 chord the note D and then approaches the third of the C7 chord a beat early as well by landing on the E on beat 2.

From here he outlines chord tones up to the b9 of the C7 chord and is using all diatonic harmonies from here out until he resolves to the fifth of the Eb chord. Great line!

Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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