Herbie Hancock – One Finger Snap (From the album “Empyrean Isles”) [LOTW #68]

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This line from One Finger Snap is awesome in so many ways I don’t even know where to begin. Herbie is coming from a different phrase so this one starts 5 note approach to the Bb. He has a surrounding half step approach to the minor 3rd, (Db), jumps up to the 5th, then to the 9 and finally the Bb.

He then starts another approach from the 11 by coming down across the b3 to the 9 and coming back up to it then outlining the Bb- chord tones until he gets to the Ab which he holds on an upbeat! I love this sound because it acts as a split second delay in his line which sounds so cool. Listen carefully for this.

After the split second hold he then starts his line back on another up beat, which sounds great! The harmonies he is using here is more of a theory lesson because you might say, “E, G, B, D, F#….huh viagra prezzo online? That’s not in Bb-?” Well no it is most certainly not. What chord does that look like to you though? Looks a lot like an E-7 chord to me! And it is! It’s important to know where the next chord change is in the tune because now you can see where Herbie is planning on going. Instead of improvising over the Bb- still he is actually improvising over an E-7 harmonies which is a half step above approach to the next chord to come, an Eb-. This where you get those “hip” out sounding lines.

Points for practicing this lick:

  • Extended approaches
  • Delay lines with ties on up beats, start lines on up beats again
  • Improvise over half step above harmonies to approach your next chord.
  • Outline Chord tones


Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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