Minor 1-6-2-5 Lick (LOTW #37)

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Minor turnaround can sometimes throw people off. We take on the same principle I’ve taught before. Target the chord tones on downbeats. It’s tricky knowing how to connect the harmonies. We start on the third of our C- then make our way down to the third of the A7 chord. Notice the ornamental triplet we begin with. We add another triplet leaving the the A7 chord and simply go up chord tones to the b9 of A7 and finally land on the 7th of the D-7b5. We now come down our D-7b5 chord tones to the 3rd of the G7 and edn with a sixteenth note outline of the chord tones to resolve on the 1 of the C-maj7 chord.

Points for practicing this lick:

  • Target chord tones on downbeats
  • Use triplets
  • Use sixteenth note ornaments
  • 3rds are great to target


Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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