Diatonic Turnaround (LOTW #34)

This lick is great for beginner’s over diatonic turnarounds, meaning chords and notes all coming from the same key. On this lick we start on the 3rd of Cmaj7, the note E, then move down to the 3rd of A-7 the note C. From there we outline the chord tones of A-7 and approach the 7th of the D-7 chord, the note C. I threw a small triplet to add some rhythmic variety which moves down the chord tones to the D-7 chord. You’ll find that outlining chord tones is a great tool to throw into your improv. Finally we land on the 3rd of the G7 chord, the note B and continue down diatonically to end on the 3rd of C, the note E, right where we started in the beginning. If you have questions or requests please leave them in the comments section and I will accommodate. Enjoy!

Points for practicing this lick:

  • Use chord tones in your improve
  • Look for 3rds to land on
  • Add in rhythmic variety such as triplets or rests


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