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Beginner Course FAQ’s

What is the Jazz Piano School beginner course?

I wanted to create a course for beginners that started them at point A and led them to point B. In my experience beginner jazz piano materials don’t do a great job of tying information together. Yes they present information in an informative way, and lots of it, but they don’t explain application of the information well. It’s as if they leave up to you to learn something, then figure out how to use it in your playing. At this point most of us just get frustrated and give up. I did many times in fact! I had studied jazz piano with 3 different teachers before I found someone who was able to tell me WHY he was giving me certain exercises. Before this I couldn’t see the point to many of the exercises we did nor did we even do exercises. It was “What do you want to work on today?”. I don’t know! You’re the teacher. Guide me, give me direction, teach me!

What does the beginner course contain?

The beginner course allows students two paths to learn. The first path is self-paced. The self-paced course you are learning in a step by step journey. I start with the most basic knowledge possible for a beginner and continue to advance as we are learning jazz tunes and improvising. In these lessons you are provided with lesson text, practice exercises, and a workbook to fill out along the way.

(Note: Do you want to start learning more about jazz piano in a way that’s organized and structured? Are you looking for a starting point? If so, check out our FREE beginner guidebook to get the scoop!)

The second option is the course library. The library is comprised of all the videos in the course but they are organized by my four teaching categories. Technique, Theory, Repertoire, and Improvisation.

Why will these courses be different than other online jazz piano sites or private lessons?

I have built these courses based on a specific problem I’ve seen over my years of taking lessons and teaching. The problem of non-structured jazz education currently does not exist outside of college level institutions. For someone who simply wants to have fun and take lessons, you have to get extremely lucky to find a great teacher who will provide enough structure so you do not get frustrated and can make continual progress. If you’re reading this I’m sure you can say you’ve experienced this before. My goal with these courses was to remove all the guesswork from jazz and teach you in a progressive manner so you can simply put one foot in front of the other. I’ve provided the road map for you in these courses, all you have to do is follow the map!

One thing to note here too is that I’m not playing tunes for you to copy in this course. I’m not soloing for you to copy my improv lines. I do all this for free in my blogs, podcasts and licks of the day. The goal of the course is to TEACH. I’m providing you with the tools to jazz so you can be as creative as possible and express yourself through the great art of jazz music. I want you to be able to play on your own without me being there.

I’ve never played piano, can I still take this course?

Even though this course is built for a true beginner is does not teach you how to read music which is a necessity to learn from the course. As long as you know how to read music then you will be able to learn how to play jazz piano from this course.

How much do I have to practice to get better with this course?

The great thing about the self-paced option is you can tackle one lesson video on your own schedule. Maybe you’ve watched one video from lesson 2 on major triads. You can work on practicing this video and filling out the workbook for a week. It’s completely up to you. Whenever your schedule permits you can continue to make progress. There is no pressure of having to prepare for a teacher. The more you put in the more you will get out. You can make this a hobby or a profession. I provide enough information for both types of enthusiasts.

What if I have questions while learning? Who can I ask?

For beginner course members there will be an official facebook group for you to join if you wish. In this group I will be able to respond to questions from time to time but it will be on the duties of the other course members to help each other with different problems. Everyone can brainstorm or post links to certain problems and contribute to help. I will be active in the group and try my best to get to everyone but at this point cannot guarantee I will be able to help everyone.

Is there a trial for the beginner course?

There are two reasons I did not want to add a trial at this point. The first being the significant discount I am offering for first time members. The second reason is I have found that trials have not been helpful when I have tested products. Sometimes I would start a trial and forget about it because I hadn’t committed any money, then after seven days my card would be charged when I hadn’t even used it. This is not fun and I wish this upon no one. The trial method is usually how companies get to charge your card in a “fishy” sort of way hoping you will forget about your trial period.

I want everyone to know they are committing to the course and committing to learning so when they start they can feel excited to jump in and get going. You’ve made your decision up front and you’re ready to go! I’m more than happy to answer any questions of upfront and if you are not satisfied you can cancel your month to month membership.

How easy is it to cancel?

When you’ve signed up for the beginner course, in order to cancel, all you have to do is click on the “Account” tab in the top right hand corner. When you are at the “Account” page simply hit cancel and you will not be rebilled.

What if it’s not the right level for me?

If you feel the beginner course is too easy or did not meet your requirements I will provide a full refund no questions asked up to 31 days, which is when the rebilling would occur.

If you have any more questions or comments please feel free to leave them below!

(Note: Take advantage of our FREE beginner guidebook if you want more insight on where to start. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to start learning jazz piano in a structured and organized way!)

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