Gospel Meets Jazz: The Hammond B3 Organ

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Jazz, Blues, and Gospel have been evolving alongside each other for decades. The presence of blues and gospel influences brought jazz to another level and helped it become what it is today.   The History of the Organ Organs had been used in gospel churches for years when some jazz musicians such as Fats Waller and Count Basie began incorporating … Read More

Rhythm: It’s All About Feel!

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In jazz, what separates the good players from the very best? At the end of the day, in my experience playing with musicians from all over, the thing that sets someone apart is their time feel. When I sit down to play with someone, I can instantly tell the caliber of their musicianship by their time feel.   Time Feel … Read More

Funk: The Infectious and Pungent Cousin of Jazz

Noah KellmanBeginner3 Comments

The great jazz educator and drummer Justin DiCioccio has one simple motto: “make everything in life feel like a groove.” This is actually a deceptively simple token of advice, commenting on finding peace and stability in the hardest of times. But, taken on a surface level, this philosophy also happens to be a pretty spot-on mission statement for another genre … Read More

Developing Your Own Style: Listening Through Generations

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What do Brad Mehldau, Mark Turner, and Eric Harland all have in common? They’re some of the foremost jazz musicians of our time. And yes, they’d sound amazing in a band together, of course. But what are we really talking about here? STYLE. Each one of these musicians has their own unique style and voice on their instrument. So much … Read More

Problem/Solution: What & How To Practice

Bijan TaghaviBeginner2 Comments

Last time we examined why we practice – which is to slow down the process, extract your internal information, and achieve a high level of control in order to best equip yourself to spontaneously create. Today I am going to offer solutions to the common questions: what and how should I practice? HOW TO PRACTICE Garry Dial once told me … Read More

Nancy Wilson and Tips for Playing with Singers

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By Joanna Sabater Since Nancy Wilson recently celebrated her 78th birthday, we’re going to learn about her life and impact on jazz. We’ll also talk about some tips for playing with singers. After winning a talent contest in High School, Wilson got her start headlining a local show in Columbus, Ohio called Skyline Melodies.  After graduating and doing two years of … Read More

How To Approach Incorporating Transcription Into Your Playing

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-Guest Blog Post Written By Joey Lieber for Jazz Piano School. Joey Lieber is a pianist and piano / music teacher based in Westchester, NY. To follow Joey or for any questions, visit http://www.joeylieber.com A common question I’ve gotten from students is: “What is the best way to learn new vocabulary?” After all as musicians and improvisers being adept on … Read More