Have you stumbled upon this website hoping to learn how to play jazz piano? 

Are you looking for new voicings to use in your left hand or two hand voicings?

 How about learning how to get more gigs and where to look?  Or maybe you just want to be able to play that catchy song on the radio that keep playing every hour. 

If any of these questions struck a nerve with you then you are in the right spot. If they didn’t relate to you at all then let me explain a little bit more about Jazz Piano School.

My name is Brenden Lowe and I created Jazz Piano School in hopes of helping and educating everyone of all ages and skill levels who are interested in jazz piano or any sort of style that is not classical music. 

My vision will be to work at creating this site as the central hub for all the latest and most effective jazz piano learning tools. 

These tools will include, but not be limited too, transcriptions, live interviews with famous pianists, notated exercises, the video library you might have looked at, a full jazz piano course which will be launching by the end of the year, a podcast with interviews and live demonstrations, high school and college prep videos, and much more.

Another reason I created this site is because I’ve always struggled with the jazz learning process and gaining information through books and teachers. The progress I’ve made over the years has always felt so slow to me. 

In classical music, you can learn to read notes, then begin practicing pieces. It’s that simple. With jazz, there are A LOT of questions, doubt, and frustration, that comes with learning this music. 

I have noticed that all of my students have shared my feelings.  My goal with this site is to take all of that away. Remove all of the wanting to give up. Remove all the self- doubt that someone might have when beginning or trying to progress their playing. 

Remove all the frustration of learning this beautiful music that allows us to expressive ourselves in a purely creative way. I have set out to develop this site to contain every possible bit of information you could ever need and want, besides listening to albums of course.

You will never have to read another confusing jazz theory book. You will never have to watch another obscure jazz instruction video that makes no sense and has little practical use to your level of playing. 

And finally you should never have to listen to a teacher ask YOU, what you would like to learn in your lesson. I would hate when my teachers would say this to me. You’re the teacher! You should be teaching me!

If you think I’m trying to convey that this site is going to be the “be all, end all” to jazz piano education………..then you’re thinking is exactly right. 

You will be able to find everything you need to learn how to advance your skills up to a professional gigging pianist without paying a weekly teacher fee. Now, our course will come with a small cost, but will be nothing compared to spending $300 a month on lessons. 

Plus we will be updating our video library, podcast, blog, and email bonus content list every week. That’s four outlets to receive learning education completely free!

This is our first post and we’re excited to post many more articles on all topics as well. If you have any topics you specifically have questions to as well please feel free to tell us in the comment section and we will write an article explaining this topic.

Thanks for reading and happy practicing!

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