How To Fill Space: 3 Easy Ways You Can Use Right Now (Ep: 210)

Learn how to fill space with these 3 things that you can use right now

Jazz Piano School 3.0 including upgraded features, content, design annd more is being released on Monday, September 28th at 6am EST during our Open Enrollment period for new students. We’ve been closed for 11 months now and this release party is sure to be a doozy! Until then, dig into this week’s podcast on filling space with these 3 easy strategies. I dive deep here in to specifics. The when, the how, the why. This should be a great podcast lesson for you that is a must listen for every student. Enjoy!

Bebop Secrets: How to Develop Your Own Repertoire List (Ep: 209)

How to develop your own repertoire list

This week we are bringing you a sneak peek into our exclusive member content! This podcast lesson is an excerpt from our “JPS Pratice Workouts,” and discusses how to develop your own repertoire list. Developing your own repertoire list is essential to becoming a complete jazz pianist. Follow along for the inside scoop on how to get started!

Bebop Secrets: How to Use Enclosures (Ep: 207)

Bebop Secrets: How to Use Enclosures

Have you been looking for a way to take your Bebop jazz playing to the next level? In this edition of Bebop Secrets, we will discuss how to use Enclosures in your jazz improvisation. Great pianists from Bud Powell to Oscar Peterson utilize Enclosures in their playing, and you can too with the help of these exercises!

How to Bring Out the Melody (Ep: 206)

How to Bring Out the Melody

In the classical piano world, it’s all about how you play the notes. Players like Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett applied classical voicing techniques to jazz piano to create beautiful sounding melodies. You can do the same with these exercises!
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Best Kept Swing Secrets: The Power of the “And” (Ep: 198)

Learn the swim secrets and the power of the "And"

What is the Power of the “And?”

In this podcast, we show you one of the best kept secrets of swing: the “and.” With these 3 exercises, you can take your swing feel to the next level. Follow along to harness the Power of the “And!”

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How to Practice Simplicity

Sometimes the best melodies are the simplest ones. The less you say, the more each individual note stands out. Miles Davis lived out this musical philosophy every night on the bandstand, and we can all learn a lot from how he makes the most out of the fewest notes.  Check out this track “Jean Pierre” […]

JPS Ep:135 – Learn Jazz Piano – Our 4 Step System

Learning jazz piano isn’t a guessing game, even that’s how I approached it for 15+ years. It’s a system. The majority of students, including myself start by learning tunes.This should be the LAST step we do. Before that we need jazz piano TOOLS. Would you try and read and write without learning the Alphabet? No of course not. Jazz Piano is the exact same way. In this 15 minute podcast I’m going to break down the 4 step system we use that is has successfully taught thousands of students jazz piano so you can use it too.

JPS Ep:134 – Pentatonic Voicings Tutorial Part 2

Here we look at how to create more 4 and 5 note voicings in a modal setting. Today’s session explores a more flexible approach in D dorian by transposing shapes through the mode. To take it further, we look at a technique of chromatic transposition used by Herbie Hancock.

JPS Ep:133 – 4 Must Have Blues Voicing Setups

This it taken directly from our new specialty course “How To Crush The Blues”. These 4 comping setups are sure to give you everything you need to know in order to provide lush and rich sounding blues accompaniment to anyone.

JPS Ep:132 – Pentatonic Voicings Tutorial

Here is a tutorial to create 4 and 5 note pentatonic voicings. These voicings work well over modal tunes like “So What” by Miles Davis, and will give you a modern sound to add to your toolbox of voicings! Enjoy!

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