JPS Ep:135 – Learn Jazz Piano – Our 4 Step System

Brenden Lowe1 Comment

Learning jazz piano isn’t a guessing game, even that’s how I approached it for 15+ years. It’s a system. The majority of students, including myself start by learning tunes.

This should be the LAST step we do. Before that we need jazz piano TOOLS. Would you try and read and write without learning the Alphabet? No of course not.

Jazz Piano is the exact same way.

In this 15 minute podcast I’m going to break down the 4 step system we use that is has successfully taught thousands of students jazz piano so you can use it too.

Also don’t forget to download the 4 Step Blueprint so you can implement this strategy correctly and start reaping the rewards:

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One Comment on ““JPS Ep:135 – Learn Jazz Piano – Our 4 Step System”

  1. Marcel Charest

    Up to this day, I tried to play jazz style music by my own. My only base was to add notes of my chords in the melody in any way I could, freely, depending on my mood. Just that brought me a lot of joy. You seem to say that playing jazz follow rules. I am no concertist, I am only eager to play and enjoy it very much. I have trouble memorising songs because, even if I play the same songs often, I play about 1500 songs; eache time I play a piece it is like it is the pleasure of the first time. I Don’t want to loose that feeling. Playing alone gives me a lot of Freedom. Of course, if I play with another musician, I have to follow the sheet. Finally, I need the music sheet always, even if I improvise: because I did not memorize the chords of the piece. With you, may be help is on the way. I dream of improvising without a music sheet; I understand that if I Don’t follow a music sheet, I have to follow something, rules. I am an artist painter also, and I improvise a lot even if certain rules exist; I make my own rules and I brake them whenever I want. I enjoy your podcasts but even if I am not a stranger to what you say, I have trouble to recognise the “rules” in order to be able to play without a sheet. Right now, all my “jazz” is the fruit of a harmonious Wheel of fortune…

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