Jazz Composition: 5 Steps to Build Color Voicings (Ep:181)

Learn Jazz composition thru these 5 steps

Composing jazz tunes can be extremely difficult. Where do we even start? Garreth Davis asked specifically how to build color voicings. In this podcast episode I’ll show you a very easy process and road map that will take any beginner to an advanced level when choosing the flavors and spices to add to your voicings and HOW to do it. Enjoy!

Jazz Comping Strategies For Airegin (Ep:180)

learn jazz piano comping strategies for Airegin

Learning jazz comping can be a complicated process. You need rhythms, voicings, movements, registers and more. Even after all that, you have to go to an actual tune and start to implement the strategies you’ve learned. In this episode we show you some amazing comping strategies that you can easily use to sound great over the classic tune Airegin. You’re sure to love these after you hear the fantastic textures and atmospheres they produce! Enjoy!

Simple Jazz Piano: 3 Step Process (Ep:179)

learn jazz piano with this 3 step process

Playing solo jazz piano is hard. I’ll admit it. Finding an EASY way to play solo jazz piano can be EVEN harder. But…thankfully I’ve created this very simple and clear, 3 step process to help you go about arranging tunes in a solo piano, 2 hand style that will sound beautiful and lush. And even if you’re an advanced player, I’ll show you how to take this easy process and tweak it to fit your advanced level. Enjoy!

This Rhythmic Exercise Will Free up your Improvising (Ep:178)

In this podcast episode we show you an exercise you can use to both free up your existing jazz lines and discover new ones. Even the best improvisers repeat themselves now and then, but with this exercise you will find yourself playing phrases you’ve never played before! Follow along to discover this rhythmic device.

JPS Ep:167 – The Power of Music

Music is very powerful. Like…very…very…powerful. I mean you know right?! Why do you think you’re on this journey? Music has the power to heal, transform, inspire, calm, soothe, and about a billion other things. In this episode I talk about what music means to me, how it changed my life, and how my mission to teach you jazz piano will help you change lives as well. Here we go!

JPS Ep:165 – Mastering the Diatonic Circle of 5ths

What do Autumn Leaves, All the Things You Are, and Johann Sebastian Bach all have in common? They all use the diatonic circle of 5ths!

This progression has been used for centuries, and in this week’s podcast lesson we will discuss how to use it seamlessly to improvise chords and melodies.

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