A Solo Sendoff by Chick Corea from “My Spanish Heart” (LOTW #208)

A Solo Sendoff by Chick Corea

Chick Corea is always full of surprises! Check out this solo sendoff to complete our review of “Armando’s Rhumba” off of his iconic album “My Spanish Heart” (1976). https://youtu.be/CC519BH199U CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK If you have questions or suggestions for a Lick Of The Week you would like us to […]

Chick Corea’s Famous “Spain” Melody Line (LOTW #192)

Listen to Chick Corea's Famous "Spain" Melody Line

When audiences across the world hear the melody line from “Spain,” they universally know it to be penned by the great Chick Corea! Written for his popular fusion group from the 1970’s “Return to Forever,” this line is a feat of two-handed virtuosity! https://youtu.be/scV-4iFLAmQ CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK If you […]

Improvising Polyphonic Lines (Ep: 202)

Learn how to improvise polyphonic lines

We pianists often imitate the voice or horn when improvising, but in this lesson we explore the capabilities unique to the piano. Playing lines with 1, 2, and all the way up to 6 notes at a time! Once you start exploring this area of improvisation, a whole new world of concepts will open up to you.

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