Jazz Piano School Ep. 118 – How To Play Any Style And Groove Over Any Tune

People will ask me, “Brenden, how do you play funk…how do you play latin?” Well when you learn the necessary foundational tools with Theory Sequences…you can play any style, any groove you want! At anytime! That is why our tagline is “Learning Freedom”. In this episode I take a simple standard and play about a ten different grooves and styles through out the tune. Switching between each and every one as I explain. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 115 – How To Develop A Solid Foundation As A Beginner Without Holes

So I’m going to say it…Jazz Piano is EASY…but…only after you have a plan to follow. I found this out the hard way after basically searching and guessing for most of my career until I finally developed my own plan. In this episode I talk about the foundation and TREE based concepts that splits off your foundation based on your specific goals. There is not much playing and demonstrating here but I truly believe the concepts I explain are much more valuable in the long run. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 113 – Using the Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales for Beginners

I can’t believe this wasn’t a podcast episode yet but thanks to a member request here we are!

So I will keep this one short and give you the basics of the pentatonic scale as well as show you a glimpse of how far into the rabbit hole you can actually go.

I’ll continue with a follow up episode on this as we begin to take this further but practice the basics of what I teach here first.

Then you’ll be ready for the next one! Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 112 – How to Walk Bass Lines With Approach Notes

We did an episode on walking bass lines part 1 a while ago and then I forgot to do PART 2! So here it is.

Special thanks to one of our members for reminding me. 🙂 In this episode we take it a step further and connect our roots and half notes with diatonic walking and approach notes.

From here we can essentially connect any progression we want no matter how random it is. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 105 – What To Do With Slow Swing Tunes

Isn’t it strange that when it comes to the slower tunes we start to struggle more? There’s just soon much space! What do we do when the tempo is deathly slow and we start feeling anxiety to fill in everything. In this episode I’ll give you some tips to start feeling confident over slow swing tunes.

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