JPS Ep:137 – What JPS Is Today & Where It’s Going

Brenden Lowe2 Comments

Jazz Piano School has come a LONGGG way since the days I first hacked together a terrible wordpress site. Now, JPS has helped, and is CURRENTLY helping thousands of people learn jazz piano freedom. In this episode I’ll explain my goals and ambitions that I’ve brought JPS to where it is. I’ll also talk about the AMAZING expansion, custom website, and teacher tools we plan to implement!
Hold on to your butts cause here we go!

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2 Comments on “JPS Ep:137 – What JPS Is Today & Where It’s Going”

  1. Amy Burcham


    I have been a lifetime member of your school for a couple of years now – knew right away this was going to be a fantastic investment in something I have been looking for all my life. Unexpected family and job pressures have gotten in the way of my making much progress to date, but I am as determined as ever to step through the main curriculum towards real facility and understanding and have made a new start for 2019. I just want to say how incredible this resource is and how much I appreciate and respect what you are doing to reach a hand out to everyone who loves jazz and truly enable them to find the joy they seek. Every day that I am able to engage with the course, I am impressed and inspired by its excellence. I also love seeing the mini-courses, hearing the podcasts, and reading the emails – always good, nourishing food for thought. You are offering something totally unique and doing it at a very very high level. Thank you for being such a great steward of your students’ hopes. Your plans for the new web site are very exciting!

    Best regards and best wishes for the new year! Hope the salmon turned out well 🙂

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