What do you do when you are jamming out on 2 chords?…or even 1 CHORD?!

Does your mind start freezing up?

Well don’t worry, in this podcast, I use my electric rhodes sound on my keyboard and give you 12 strategies that you can use to improvise when you’re jamming out on 1 or 2 chord harmonies.

I demonstrate in a funk style manner but these can also be used in any jazz tunes as well.


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Brenden Lowe

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  1. Hi Brenden,
    I have a suggestion for an episode. Would it be possible to do a lesson showing a systematic approach to using grace notes. They really add to a piece, but its knowing which notes work best in which situations. It would be great if you could show them used in different chord inversions in a diatonic scale showing which scale degrees work against each chord. Also some idea of the best fingering to use. Maybe it could be done in a series of exercises which could be taken around the cycle of fifths gradually getting more advanced. They don’t come naturally to me yet but watching you they just flow out. Any help would be appreciated.

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