Jazz Piano School Ep. 92 – Minor 2-5-1 Basics

Brenden Lowe6 Comments

Playing minor 2-5-1 is usually a mysterious process for most. There is a lot of harmony that surrounds this subject and how to approach it. Rest assured these Minor 2-5-1 basics will allow you to feel confident when playing this type of harmony.

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6 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 92 – Minor 2-5-1 Basics”

  1. Anonymous

    Too much spin – talk, talk, talk – now over 4 minutes BS. Get to the music – I haven’t heard a note. I don’t care about YOUR backgrond and personal feelings, history, prognostications, etc. etc. Now at 6;19 Goodbye big mouth!

    1. Brenden Lowe


      If you’re looking for edited versions of the podcast without the speaking introductions please visit our youtube channel. These videos begin right with the teaching.


  2. kurt

    Hi Brenden,
    for a member, what is the simplest way to get the instruction sheet such as for podcast 92. You said in the podcast jazzpianoschool/podcast 92, but the is no such information.
    Best, kurt schwarz

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