Jazz Piano School Ep. 70 – The 7 Step Arranging Process For Solo Piano

[content_band inner_container=”false” class=”mas” border=”none, top, left, right, bottom, vertical, horizontal, all” padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px” bg_pattern=”” parallax=”true” bg_video=”” bg_color=”#EAEAEA” bg_video_poster=””] We’re releasing the brand new Solo Piano System on January 23rd at 9am. This podcast will finally answer the question “How do I arrange my hands while playing standards to achieve a beautiful lush sound?” With these 7 steps you’ll be able to arrange any standards of your choice. The solo piano system will go into much more depth and answer all the “But what if this happens” questions.

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3 thoughts on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 70 – The 7 Step Arranging Process For Solo Piano”

  1. As a professional Jazz pianist in France I am amazed at Brenden Lowe’s piano jazz method which take you from A to Z to learn jazz on the piano. I wish I had that on my 20’s. It is well structure, well taught in a simple and right way. You will get everything yu need to get good tips to paly like the pros. This is the the best so far I’ve ever seen on the web regarding jazz piano resources. Not rubbish talk. This man is honest and has a friendly voice which makes the lessons so friendly. To sum up I wil say that this Jazz course is THE BIBLE TO LEARN TO PLAY JAZZ PIANO. I DO DO RECOMMEND IT. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Futhermore the Brenden offer you 30 days back garantee. What else could you ask. Jean Marc 55years old from France.

  2. Thank you for the comments Bertha and Jean Marc! You guys are awesome! I’m extremely thankful for your support and appreciate all your gratitude. These comments will help believe it is possible to achieve their dreams!


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