Jazz Piano School Ep. 55 – How to Improvise Over Odd Changes

Brenden Lowe7 Comments

This is a fantastic episode that will benefit a lot of people out there. I specifically go over what is the most important aspect when connecting your improv together through odd changes and even more common progressions. Enjoy!

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7 Comments on “Jazz Piano School Ep. 55 – How to Improvise Over Odd Changes”

  1. Bill Paradi


    I’m a recent JPS member and love these podcasts. However, I do have a problem improvising over “Odd Changes” and your podcast #55 addresses this. Great, but the Podcast Practice Materials seem to be inaccessible. Just gives an “Oops” screen. Can you provide a fix?

    Bill Paradis

    1. Brenden Lowe

      Hi Bill,
      Just fixed this! Sorry about that and thank you for the heads up. We’ve just added a new spot in the members section where you will be able to download the podcast materials directly as well. Best!

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