Jazz Piano School, Ep 24: How To Start Improvising (Beginner)

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How to Start Improvising

  • Practice your chord tones for all your chords.
  • Use your chord tones for the tunes you are learning to improvise with.
  • Practice creating your solo thinking melodically and rhythmically.
  • Always create beautiful music.

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Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

5 Responses

  1. Another enlightening lesson, Brenden. Many thanks. The way you are are building the lessons from the fundamentals forward I find very helpful. In past attempts to approach improvising I became overwhelmed in trying to remember scales, passing notes, licks, etc. Consequently I never progressed. With this podcast 24 I now feel confident that I can proceed and, as it were, jump in. This lesson and 23 before it I’ve found invaluable.

    1. Thank you so much Dennis! That means a lot to me. I love building a foundation for everyone because this is exactly how I learned and it has brought me this far. I truly believe if everyone builds from the ground up with this music there are endless possibilities. Thank you for your continued support and outward appreciation towards my work.

  2. This lesson is very helpful in taking away the anxiety of having too much to work with when starting out in learning to improvise. Thanks for breaking it down to a simplified level.
    My question is where do you get the back tracks to practice with?
    Thanks Brenden

  3. Hi Don,

    The backup tracks are taken from an app called Irealpro. A definite must for all jazz musicians!

    Thanks for the positive comment!

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