Jazz Piano School, Ep 10: Determination | Motivation | Willpower

It can be hard to achieve goals in life. No matter what you are attempting to accomplish. There are certain things you need to know in order to keep going. That certain this is the “Why” for why you want to accomplish your goal. As long as you know that you can do anything, like play jazz piano! This podcast will help you gain confidence and believe you can connect with this music in ways you never dreamed of.

Jazz Piano School, Ep 9: Voiceleading Triad Inversions

Voiceleading triad inversions will skyrocket your playing in seconds. Once you learn how to implement this technique into your playing you will be able to play any pop / rock / triad type of chart, yes any. Work hard at this method because as I always say, these beginning steps will be a gateway into more complicated jazz voicings to come. And they are coming very soon!

Jazz Piano School, Ep 8: Triad Inversions

In this episode I talk about what an inversion is. Inversions are great for making all of your voicings and tunes sound better. They help the chord changes flow better and make your playing sound smooth! Practice your inversions and you’ll immediately sound better!

Jazz Piano School, Ep 7: Major & Minor Triads

Why are major and minor triads useful? They are the stepping stones to all complicated and beautiful jazz voicings. If you know your major and minor triads well you will be able to progress to more advanced voicings with ease. Listen to this podcast to learn how to find your major and minor triads and how they relate to pop tunes.