Jazz Piano School, Ep 21: Special Guest, Eric Reed

This interview with Eric Reed was such a great pleasure. To be able to talk to one of the leading jazz pianists in the world and history was surreal for me. I had studied with him at the New School University and Eric was kind of enough to come on the show for an interview. He makes such intelligent points about the music and is able to articulate his thoughts with great clarity. Do not miss this episode and listen all the way through. Some of the best info is at the end! Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School, Ep 20: Solo Piano-Progressing the Basics.

Solo Piano-Progressing the Basics

Playing solo can be extremely difficult. It’s hard to move past that beginning stage of just chords in the LH and melody in the RH. This podcast will give you a couple of simple tips that you can be begin to incorporate that will help you sound great in no time! Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School, Ep 19: Introduction To The Blues

introduction to learning jazz piano

The blues is a corner stone of jazz. You will find the blues in many traditional jazz tunes and it will also help improve your improvising as well. Listen to this episode to learn how the blues works and how you can start playing it! Enjoy!