JPS Ep:146 – How to Play “Block Chords” Like George Shearing

In this lesson we’ll learn how to play “block chord” voicings in a jazz style. This technique was made famous by George Shearing, and used by other pianists such as Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. You can use it to harmonize melodies and achieve a fuller soloistic sound when playing in a group.

JPS Ep:145 – 9 Ways To Storytell With Your Improvisation

I’ve heard extremely technically proficient and knowledable improvisers completely fail at telling a story with their solo. When this happens it stinks!
None of us want to be in that position. Here’s 9 ways for you to be a GREAT story teller when soloing. Let’s get it!

JPS Ep:144 – Improve Your Modal Playing in 10 Minutes with “The Coltrane Scale”

This quick tool will give you a new way to think about improvising in a modal jazz setting that can take your playing to the next level! In this podcast lesson, we look at how to use the “Coltrane Scale” to improvise in a variety of harmonic settings that will give you access to a sound you may have heard, but never thought would come out of your own hands!