Jazz Piano School Ep. 88 – Adding Extensions Into Our Voicing Fundamentals

As we continue our voicing series we are adding extensions into our voicing fundamentals. This is progressing us a little further and teaching us how to create freedom to build any voicings we want. With these methods you are becoming the creator instead of simply copying voicings and not understanding how they’re used. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 87 – Building Voicing Fundamentals

During my career I was always copying voicings. I spent so many years just mimicking voicings instead of learning a solid foundation that will allow me freedom to build voicings myself. This fundamental voicing building system will give you the opportunity to build voicings for yourself for the rest of your life!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 84 – Progression Reharm Series 2 (3-6-2-5)

We’re continuing our reharm series of progressions this week with a 3-6-2-5. We get a little crazy with the reharms, but all beautiful and effective none the less. We build off concepts from episode 83 so you if you haven’t watched that I highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 83 – Progression Reharm Series (2-5-1)

Once you learn a couple of reharm tools it will completely open up your playing. Not only will you be able to comp differently but you will have more options for improvisation, arranging and solo piano freedom. Check out these reharms for a 2-5-1. I will cover different progressions in the upcoming podcasts.