Emmet Cohen – Like Someone In Love Analysis (Ep: 200)

Experience Emmet Cohen's Like Someone in Love Analysis

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On our celebratory, 200th podcast, special guest, Emmet Cohen joins us to do an analysis lesson video of his own arrangement on “Like Someone In Love”. At a young age, Emmet Cohen is already carving out a place for himself among the jazz piano greats and leaving a special legacy behind. His current project, “Masters Legacy Series”, a celebratory set of recordings and interviews honoring ledgendary jazz musicians, is getting amazing reviews while contributing to jazz education and jazz history.

His accomplishments and awards could fill up a whole page but he was recently the winner of the 2019 American Pianists Wards and the Cole Porter Fellow of the American Pianists Association.

For more information on Emmet Cohen, go to, https://emmetcohen.com.

In this podcast, Emmet is going to be giving a lesson analysis on his own gorgeous arrangment of, “Like Someone In Love” which you can see by clicking on this link here.

He answers our questions and provides and amazing amount of knowledge and helpful jazz piano education in this video.

Let’s check it out!

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