3 Ways To Play A Sus Chord

Sus chords can be mysterious but with the 3 different types of sus chords I’m going to show you today, you’ll know exactly where, when and how to use them. The first sus chord will be more of a general, space sound you can use over the majority of dominant chords in tunes. The second one will be more for ballads to pull at the heart strings. And the third will be more for a dirty, gritty, soulful sound like in the blues.


The BEST Way To Learn Drop 2 Voicings And How To Use Them

Learning jazz takes you on MANY different paths. Trust me. I know from experience. It’s like using a GPS, sometimes maps will take you 50 miles out of your way, where as if you had taken a diffferent route, it would have taken you 5 miles. This is happens all the time in jazz. In this episode when you follow MY drop 2 path, you’ll not only learn your drop 2 voicings faster, you’ll understand them better, learn multiple variations, and where and how to use them. Now if that doesn’t sound good, I don’t know what does. Enjoy!

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3 Solo Piano Steps Everyone Needs To Learn

The last live stream I did went so well that I had to turn it into a podcast. These 3 solo piano steps are an absolute must practice in order to play solo piano well. I also talk about the critical 2 categories you should group tunes into in order to confidently know how to approach all tunes. Enjoy!

How to Comp Using 5-note “So What” Chord Voicings

In this podcast lesson we will explore various 5-note combinations of pentatonic voicings as seen in the classic modal jazz tune “So What.” There are many variations on how to use these chords, and by the end of this lesson you will have several new ways of playing them which will give a fresh sound to your comping in minor keys!