Use These 3 Scales to Shred on Any Modal Tune! (Ep:183)(pt. 2)

Learn these 3 scales to shred on any modal tune

Continuing with last week’s episode, this time we will be reviewing an advanced modal tune. Kenny Baron’s “Voyage” has many twists and turns that will always leave the audience wanting more! Learn how to shred over this tune and more in this week’s podcast.

Use These 3 Scales to Shred on Any Modal Tune! (Ep:182)(pt. 1)

Learn these 3 scales to shred on any modal tune

Have you ever wanted to be able to shred over the modal solo sections in your favorite tune? Look no further, because in this week’s podcast lesson, we will review the 3 scales you need to know to play over any modal tune. You will be shredding in no time!!

Jazz Composition: 5 Steps to Build Color Voicings (Ep:181)

Download: MP3 Audio51 MB Share on facebook Facebook Share on google Google+ Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Composing jazz tunes can be extremely difficult. Where do we even start? Garreth Davis asked specifically how to build color voicings. In this podcast episode I’ll show you a very easy process and road map […]

Jazz Comping Strategies For Airegin (Ep:180)

learn jazz piano comping strategies for Airegin

Learning jazz comping can be a complicated process. You need rhythms, voicings, movements, registers and more. Even after all that, you have to go to an actual tune and start to implement the strategies you’ve learned. In this episode we show you some amazing comping strategies that you can easily use to sound great over the classic tune Airegin. You’re sure to love these after you hear the fantastic textures and atmospheres they produce! Enjoy!

Simple Jazz Piano: 3 Step Process (Ep:179)

learn jazz piano with this 3 step process

Playing solo jazz piano is hard. I’ll admit it. Finding an EASY way to play solo jazz piano can be EVEN harder. But…thankfully I’ve created this very simple and clear, 3 step process to help you go about arranging tunes in a solo piano, 2 hand style that will sound beautiful and lush. And even if you’re an advanced player, I’ll show you how to take this easy process and tweak it to fit your advanced level. Enjoy!

This Rhythmic Exercise Will Free up your Improvising (Ep:178)

In this podcast episode we show you an exercise you can use to both free up your existing jazz lines and discover new ones. Even the best improvisers repeat themselves now and then, but with this exercise you will find yourself playing phrases you’ve never played before! Follow along to discover this rhythmic device.

3 Easy Ways to Start Composing Jazz Now!

As aspiring jazz musicians, we find ourselves mostly focused on the art of Improvisation, a paramount skill for playing jazz. Another less discussed but equally important skill is Composition. Composition is essentially the same as Improvisation, except instead of creating music spontaneously in the moment, one is creating music in a slower, more controlled process. […]

JPS Ep:163 – What is “The Lady Bird Turnaround?”

If you have never encountered the Lady Bird turnaround or are looking for some new strategies with which to improvise over this device, search no further! In this podcast lesson, we’ll go over how Tadd Dameron came up with this trademark chord progression and how you can play over it with style and ease.

4 Guidelines for Pentatonic Improv

Don’t use pentatonics exclusively – This gets old fast. Pentatonics work best when they are mixed in with other harmonic language and textures. By combining pentatonics with chord-scale relationships, you can create countless paths to navigate changes. Start inside, take it out, then bring it back in – Pentatonics create tension. For this tension to […]

3 Step Process to Assimilate Improv Concepts

Have you ever wanted to incorporate a musical idea into your playing but struggled to get past the “Copy and Paste” phase? This process will help you internalize musical ideas and make them a part of who you are, not just a lick that you can play. First, decide on a musical subject. Identify a […]

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