Jazz Piano School Ep. 108 – The Structured Education Of Jazz Piano School

This was a spur of the moment podcast! I actually started recording something else then got to talking about my vision and the structure of Jazz Piano School and I just went with it! But this should definitely bring a lot of information and clarity around the 3 major types of products we have and where we are moving to with jazz piano education software/website app we’re currently building. Enjoy!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 105 – What To Do With Slow Swing Tunes

Isn’t it strange that when it comes to the slower tunes we start to struggle more? There’s just soon much space! What do we do when the tempo is deathly slow and we start feeling anxiety to fill in everything. In this episode I’ll give you some tips to start feeling confident over slow swing tunes.

Jazz Piano School Ep. 93 – Minor 2-5-1 Rootless Voicings & Improv

We continue our series on minor 2-5-1’s as I explain rootless voicing options and different ways to improvise along with the notes and scales that you can choose from. With a little practice you’ll feel confident about playing minor 2-5-1’s in standards in no time!

Jazz Piano School Ep. 92 – Minor 2-5-1 Basics

Playing minor 2-5-1 is usually a mysterious process for most. There is a lot of harmony that surrounds this subject and how to approach it. Rest assured these Minor 2-5-1 basics will allow you to feel confident when playing this type of harmony.