JPS Ep:163 – What is “The Lady Bird Turnaround?”

If you have never encountered the Lady Bird turnaround or are looking for some new strategies with which to improvise over this device, search no further! In this podcast lesson, we’ll go over how Tadd Dameron came up with this trademark chord progression and how you can play over it with style and ease.

JPS Ep:129 – 3 Tips To Improve The Blues Scale

Learning how to make your blues scale improv not sound terrible can be difficult. Trust me! I went through the same thing!
Here are 3 very easy tips that will your blues scale improvisation instantly sound like you’ve been doing it for years! Enjoy

Jazz Piano School Ep. 121 – 7 Ways To Achieve An Out Or Modern Improv Sound

Oh boy…sometimes I just get going on some of these podcasts and this happens to be one of them. Seriously though…this one is AWESOME! I think you all are going to love the content in this. Would love to hear how your playing changes after working in some of the tips from this lesson.

Happy practicing!