Popular Bebop Approaches for Minor 7th Chords

Learning bebop can feel completely overwhelming. There are so many approaches over so many chords and then connecting them is a whole other ball game.
To help you out, I’m going to show you the most POPULAR bebop approaches I use on a daily basis and at all my gigs. Today I’ll cover minor 7th chords and specifically what I play over each chord tone. Enjoy!

Practice Improvisation in 3 Easy Steps To Make Faster Progress

224 - 3 steps to practice improvisation

Practicing improvisation can be nebulous to say the least. What do you practice? How do you practice? When we’re able to take a step back, and plan out our improvisation practice session using this 3 step process you’ll make much more progress in a shorter amount of time.

The Magic of Monk – Jazz Piano Tutorial (Ep: 213)

Jazz Piano Tutorial

In honor of Thelonious Monk’s 103rd birthday this October, we will be taking a deep dive into his musical style in this podcast lesson! Follow along as we explore two Monk compositions and examine what makes them tick. By the end of this lesson, you will have a new appreciation for Monk’s style and discover new ways to incorporate it into your own personal creativity!

Bebop Secrets: How to Use Enclosures (Ep: 207)

Bebop Secrets: How to Use Enclosures

Have you been looking for a way to take your Bebop jazz playing to the next level? In this edition of Bebop Secrets, we will discuss how to use Enclosures in your jazz improvisation. Great pianists from Bud Powell to Oscar Peterson utilize Enclosures in their playing, and you can too with the help of these exercises!

Improvising Polyphonic Lines (Ep: 202)

Learn how to improvise polyphonic lines

We pianists often imitate the voice or horn when improvising, but in this lesson we explore the capabilities unique to the piano. Playing lines with 1, 2, and all the way up to 6 notes at a time! Once you start exploring this area of improvisation, a whole new world of concepts will open up to you.

Bebop Secrets: How to Use Approach Notes (Ep: 201)

Bebop Secrets: How to Use Approach Notes

Are you wondering how to capture the real sound of Bebop in your jazz playing? Tune into this week’s podcast as we reveal how to use approach notes to sound like the best bebop pianists. This simple exercise will add a new dimension to your improvising!

Tips to Stay Motivated During Quarantine (Jazz Piano Practice Routine)(Ep:186)

Learn these tips to stay motivated during quarantine

Are you stuck inside left wondering what to practice? This week’s podcast can help with that! We’ll cover aspects of warmup routine, classical workouts, learning tunes, transcriptions and more! By the end, you are sure to have some ideas of new material and hopefully be inspired to find some new things to work on!

My 11 Step Improvisation Blueprint (Ep:185)

Learn my 11 step improvisation blueprint

This piece of content is taken directly from inside our Jazz Piano School Members area. It’s called the “Improvisation Bootcamp Masterclass”. This is my 11 step improvisation blueprint that is meant to take a step back and show you all the steps you need to master in order to become the burnin’ improv player you want to be. This is juicy my friends. Now does each one of these steps take a lot of hard-work and time? Absolutely! But…if you follow this plan and move through these meticulously you’ll grow exponentially! Have fun!

Use These 3 Scales to Shred on Any Modal Tune! (Ep:183)(pt. 2)

Learn these 3 scales to shred on any modal tune

Continuing with last week’s episode, this time we will be reviewing an advanced modal tune. Kenny Baron’s “Voyage” has many twists and turns that will always leave the audience wanting more! Learn how to shred over this tune and more in this week’s podcast.