Chick Corea’s Burning Lines from Now He Sings, Now He Sobs (LOTW #127)

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On his original tune “Matrix,” Chick Corea burns through this blues chorus with unique flair and creativity at a blistering tempo. He begins with some F suspended vocabulary which is reminiscent of McCoy Tyner, one of his major influences. He ascends dramatically to the top of the keyboard, and returns down to Earth to burn through the rest of the … Read More

Gospel Meets Jazz: The Hammond B3 Organ

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Jazz, Blues, and Gospel have been evolving alongside each other for decades. The presence of blues and gospel influences brought jazz to another level and helped it become what it is today.   The History of the Organ Organs had been used in gospel churches for years when some jazz musicians such as Fats Waller and Count Basie began incorporating … Read More

JPS Ep:129 – 3 Tips To Improve The Blues Scale

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Learning how to make your blues scale improv not sound terrible can be difficult. Trust me! I went through the same thing!
Here are 3 very easy tips that will your blues scale improvisation instantly sound like you’ve been doing it for years! Enjoy

The Sound of Jazz: The Importance of Articulation and Feel

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The sound of jazz.   Where does it come from?   Some might say “the blues.” They would be right, but when people talk about playing the blues, there is often an important ingredient missing from the conversation: FEEL. What does it mean when we’re talking about feel? We’re talking about time feel. The feeling of the blues is born … Read More

Blues Through The Ages

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Would you like a fantastic method for comparing pianist’s styles and learning about how harmony and improvised melody have developed? Then look no further than the 12-bar blues. Understanding and analyzing the blues has a lot of benefits. That knowledge gives you a framework for studying each and every great jazz pianist who has come before you. Lucky for us, … Read More

Jazz Piano School Ep. 59 – My Favorite Blues Reharm Progressions

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I absolutely love playing the blues and I’m sure a lot of you do as well. There are certain progressions and movements I’ve picked up that I absolutely love and almost always use while playing the blues. These reharm progressions are guaranteed to to spice up your blues and open your creative box for improvement.