Ep 192: 3 Levels of Jazz Piano Harmonization

Ep 191: Creating Tension with Pedal Points

Ep 190: Mastering the Left Hand (pt. 2) - Fourths and Clusters

Ep 189: Mastering the Left Hand (pt. 1) - Chord Inversions

Ep 188: "Walking the Blues" How to Walk Basslines and Improvise Jazz Piano

Ep 187: Solo Piano Architecture

Ep 186: Tips to Stay Motivated During Quarantine - Jazz Piano Practice Routine

Ep 185: My 11 Step Improvisation Blueprint

Ep 184: Learn the versatile "Crunch Chord" and its Many Applications

Ep 183: Use These 3 Scales to Shred on Any Modal Tune! (pt. 2)

Ep 182: Use These 3 Scales to Shred on Any Modal Tune! (pt. 1)

Ep 181: Jazz Composition: 5 Steps To Build Color Voicings

Ep 180: Jazz Comping Strategies For Airegin

Ep 179: Simple Jazz Piano: 3 Step Process

Ep 178: This Rhythmic Exercise Will Free up your Improvising

Ep 177: 5 Go-To Tune Endings: Jazz Piano Tutorial

Ep 176: My Gift To You in 2020 & What We're Doing

Ep 175: Jazzy Let It Snow Arrangement

Ep 174: How To Use Each Area of The Piano When Playing Jazz

Ep 173: How To Harmonize A Melody With Any Chord

Ep 172: Bill Evans: Simple Improvisation Chord Trick

Ep 171: 3 Ways To Use Arpeggios In Your Improv

Ep 170: 5 Things To Help You Approach Tunes

Ep 166: The Secret of the "Backdoor 2-5-1"

Ep 165: Mastering The Diatonic Circle of 5ths

Ep 164: 3 Improvisation Strategies You Need For Ballads

Ep 163: What is "The Lady Bird Turnaround?"

Ep 162: 12 Improv Strategies To Jam Out on 1 or 2 Chords (Funk)

Ep 161: How To Practice Like A Pro Part 2: "Time In!"

Ep 160: How To Practice Like A Pro Part 1: "Don't Just Play"

Ep 159: How To Self Assess Your Skills

Ep 158: What is the "Joe Henderson Chord?"

Ep 157: 3 Ways To Get Over The Fear Of Improvising

Ep 156: The Secrets to Playing a One Chord Vamp!

Ep 155: The Most Supportive & Effective Comping Voicing & Setup You Need To Know

Ep 154: This Jazz Piano Trick Will Help You Reharmonize Like a Pro

Ep 153: What Are Shell Voicings, Why You Need Them, How To Use Them!

Ep 152: Improving Your Jazz Piano Improvisation With Ornaments

Ep 151: Unlock Your Jazz Piano Creativity by Shedding the "In-Between Tempos!"

Ep 150: This Chord Will Instantly Make You Sound Like 70's Herbie

Ep 149: Rhythm Changes Bridge Improvisation- Use This Today!

Ep 148: 4 Secrets To Improvising Over Rhythm Changes

Ep 147: How to Play "Block Chords" pt 2

Ep 146: How To Play Block Chords Like George Shearing

Ep 145: 9 Jazz Piano Improvisation Storytelling Methods

Ep 144: The John Coltrane Sound

Ep 143: Piano Warmup: “The Rachmaninoff Exercise”

Ep 142: 12 Ingredients For Jazz Piano Success

Ep 141: How To Integrate Jazz Extensions Into Your Voicings

Ep 140: The 8th Note Exercise: The Key to Smoother Lines for Jazz Piano

Ep 139: 7 Ways To Improvise Over Modal Minor Chords

Ep 138: 4 Ways To Spice Up Major 7th Chords

Ep 137: What JPS Is Today & Where It’s Going?

Ep 136: Playing in 7/4 Meter with Claves

Ep 135: Learn Jazz Piano – Our 4 Step System

Ep 134: Pentatonic Voicings Tutorial Part 2

Ep 133: 4 Must Have Blues Voicing Setups

Ep 132: Pentatonic Voicings Tutorial for "So What"

Ep 131: Improvising With Tritone Substitutions

Ep 130: 8 Must Know Jazz Piano Chords

Ep 129: The Blues Scale - 3 Tips To Instantly Improve

Ep 128: How to Sound Like Bill Evans – Shifting Extensions

Ep 127: Bill Evans Transcription Analysis on Time Remembered Part 2

Ep 126: Bill Evans Transcription Analysis on Time Remembered

Ep 125: Accompanying Singers & Putting It All Together

Ep 124: Adding The In Measure “Switch” To Accompany Singers

Ep 123: Accompanying Singers Using “The Switch”

Ep 122: Singer Accompaniment – How To Play A 2 Feel Bassline

Ep 121: 7 Ways To Achieve An Out Or Modern Improv Sound

Ep 120: 7 Way To Practice Bebop To See Quick Improvement

Ep 119: How Theory & Structure Lead To Freedom

Ep 118: How To Play Any Style And Groove Over Any Tune

Ep 117: Gospel Reharms You Can Use Today

Ep 116: 6 Easy Ways To Improve At Improv With Rhythm

Ep 115: How To Develop A Solid Foundation As A Beginner Without Holes

Ep 114: The Top 7 Crucial Elements For Improving At Solo Piano

Ep 113: Using the Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales for Beginners

Ep 112: How to Walk Bass Lines With Approach Notes

Ep 111: 2018 JPS Thoughts, Future & Past?

Ep 110: Santa Clause Is Coming To Town Jazz Arrangement

Ep 109: Live Modal Gig Analysis From Inside Our Lab

Ep 108: The Structured Education Of Jazz Piano School?

Ep 107: Our Lab’s Two Hand Voicing Building System Part 2

Ep 106: Our Lab’s Two Hand Voicing Building System

Ep 105: How To Improvise Over Slow Swing

Ep 104: How To Start Improvising With Extensions

Ep 103: Modal Interchange Reharm Part 2

Ep 102: What In The World Is Modal Interchange?

Ep 101: Comping Rhythms For Harmonic Changes

Ep 100: Keith Jarrett Analysis, “Someone To Watch Over Me”

Ep 99: Seven Steps To Heaven – Herbie Hancock Solo Analysis

Ep 98: Beautiful Love, Bill Evans Transcription Analysis

Ep 97: Freddie Freeloader, Wynton Kelly Transcription Analysis

Ep 96: 8 Different Ways To Add Rhythmic Variety To Improve Your Improvisation

Ep 95: What Happens In Your Playing As You Advance

Ep 94: How To Use Jazz Piano Modes Explained

Ep 93: Minor 2-5-1 Rootless Voicings & Improv

Ep 92: Minor 2-5-1 Basics

Ep 91: Benny Green “Celia” Transcription Analysis Series Part 2

Ep 90: Benny Green “Celia” Transcription Analysis Series

Ep 89: Adding Extensions With Upper Structure Triads

Ep 88: Adding Extensions Into Our Voicing Fundamentals

Ep 87: How To Build Jazz Piano Voicings

Ep 86: McCoy Tyner 4th Voicings, Variations & Movements

Ep 85: Progression Reharm Series 3 Rhythm Changes Bridge

Ep 84: Progression Reharm Series 2 (3-6-2-5)

Ep 83: Progression Reharm Series (2-5-1)

Ep 82: Connecting Harmonies With Ease

Ep 81: I Should Care Improv Analysis Part 2

Ep 80: I Should Care Improv Analysis

Ep 79: The Whole Half And Half Whole Scale

Ep 78: Improving Your Bebop Through Structured Integration of Approach Notes

Ep 77: 11 Ways To Add Elegance To Your Jazz Piano Playing

Ep 76: 8 Different Ways To Use Space

Ep 75: The Equation Of Improvisation

Ep 74: 6 Ways To Add Passing Movements

Ep 73: Beginner Latin & Bossa

Ep 72: Advanced Blues Solo Piano

Ep 71: 9 Steps To Improve Your Solo Piano

Ep 70: The 7 Step Arranging Process For Solo Piano

Ep 69: Using The JPS System and Personal Assessment

Ep 68: 7 Tips To Make More Progress in 2017

Ep 67: Double Time Vs. Double Time Feel

Ep 66: My Voicing Pyramid & Comping

Ep 65: Basics of The Sus Chord

Ep 64: 12 Ways to Jumpstart Your Improv

Ep 63: Ear Training For Progressions

Ep 62: 24 Movements For 2-5-1's

Ep 61: Oscar Peterson Style

Ep 60: The Rootless Voicing Structure 1

Ep 59: My Favorite Blues Reharm Progressions

Ep 58: LH Voicing Approach Part 2

Ep 56: The Basics Of Stride Piano

Ep 55: V-I Progression With Improv

Ep 54: 6 Steps To Learning Tunes

Ep 53: How To Harmonize Melodies Part 2

Ep 52: How To Harmonize Melodies

Ep 51: Tips On Playing Fast Tempos

Ep 50: How To Start Playing Bebop Part 2

Ep 49: How To Start Playing Bebop Part 1

Ep 48: Perfecting The Ballad

Ep 47: Everything Comping Part 2

Ep 46: Everything Comping Part 1

Ep 45: LH Comping Practice With RH Improv

Ep 44: Singer Accompanying

Ep 38: How To Develop Your Solo

Ep 37: LH Solo Piano Components

Ep 35: Walking Bass Lines Part 1

Ep 34: Rootless Voicing Textures

Ep 33: Beginner Ear Training

Ep 32: Rootless Voicings #2

Ep 31: Rootless Voicings #1

Ep 30: How To Use Diatonic Harmony

Ep 29: How To Use Modes To Improvise

Ep 28: Diatonic Harmony Explained

Ep 26: Connecting Chord Tones (Beginner Improv)

Ep 24: How To Start Improvising For Beginners

Ep 23: Jazz Piano Arranging For Beginners

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