Ballad Series – Part 4 (LOTW #44)

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I really like this one. We start off with a nice rhythm here with a 6 note phrase to one beat. We are arpeggiating chord tones, (again), and continuing up until we slide into the root of the G7 chord an drop down an octave. We resolve into the Cmaj7 chord by playing the b13 of the G7 chord, then the 3rd of Cmaj7, and landing on the 9 to finish the phrase off. Enjoy!

Points for practicing this lick:

  • Look for contrasting rhythmic patterns besides just swing eighths to spice up your ballad play
  • Extensions over the dominants
  • You can resolve to extensions on all chords such as the 9 over the Cmaj7


Brenden Lowe

Brenden Lowe

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