Advanced: Lesson 47

Lesson 47 Goals: The straight feel is a very popular style with young jazz pianists these day. Definitely a style you want to focus on and practice. Continue to work on the Coltrane steps and hexatonic scale implementation. 

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

Straight Feel Licks

Step 2.

Hexatonic Dominant b9, #9, #11 (I-, #IV-)

Step 3.

Trane Reharm Lick

Step 4.

Straight Feel Style

Step 5.

Popular Diminished Voicings 1

Step 6.

Straight Feel

Step 7.

Hexatonic Dominant b9, #9, #11 (I-, #IV-)

Step 8.

Trane Reharm 25

Step 9.

Advanced Playing Concepts Part 3

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