Advanced: Lesson 38

Lesson 38 Goals: Continue to work on the upper structure triads. The other important step to focus on is the Advanced Two Hand Voicing Series. Pick and choose the improv tools you would like to add to your tool bag. 

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

Hexatonic Minor 7th Chords

Step 2.

b6 Pentatonic

Step 3.

Modes in 5th

Step 4.

Advanced 2 Hand Voicings Series Part 1 

Step 5.

Upper Structure Triads Dominants

Step 6.

Hexatonic Minor 7th Improv

Step 7.

b6 Pentatonic Improv

Step 8.

Upper Structure Dominant Improv

Step 9.

There Will Never Be Another You Analysis 2

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