List of Over 50 Jazz Blues Tunes to Know

When learning jazz music, it is important to remember that “the blues” is not just simply a scale… “The blues” is a style, a feeling, a whole genre unto itself.    The best way to learn about the blues (without your wife leaving you, your dog running away, or losing your trusty pickup truck) is […]

3 Easy Ways to Start Composing Jazz Now!

As aspiring jazz musicians, we find ourselves mostly focused on the art of Improvisation, a paramount skill for playing jazz. Another less discussed but equally important skill is Composition. Composition is essentially the same as Improvisation, except instead of creating music spontaneously in the moment, one is creating music in a slower, more controlled process. […]

4 Guidelines for Pentatonic Improv

Don’t use pentatonics exclusively – This gets old fast. Pentatonics work best when they are mixed in with other harmonic language and textures. By combining pentatonics with chord-scale relationships, you can create countless paths to navigate changes. Start inside, take it out, then bring it back in – Pentatonics create tension. For this tension to […]