Setting Restraints to Spark Creativity (Ep: 214)

Setting Restraints to Spark Creativity

Setting restraints forces us to play things we never would have thought of on our own. By limiting our choices, we actually drastically increase the amount of creativity in our lines. Restraints help us to bypass muscle memory and create new pathways through the harmonies. Check out these 3 strategies to implement restraints into your practice routine and jumpstart your creativity!

How To Break Out of Your Improv Norm (Ep: 212)

how to break out of your improv norm

It’s hard to break out of habits. A lot of times we play on autopilot but guess what, in order to make progress we need to STOP. We need to pay close attention to what we’re playing and analyze it. Then after we’re AWARE of what we’re doing, we need to play the opposite texture. This episode will show you an easy process you can use to instantly break out of your improv norms.