A Marvelous Melody by Michel Petrucianni (LOTW #198)

Learn a marvelous melody by Michel Petrucianni

Michel Petrucianni is an unsung hero of jazz piano. He achieved a degree of fame in the mid 1980’s after coming to the U.S. from Paris, France, at which time he started performing with jazz greats such as Charles Lloyd and Joe Lovano. He later went on to record and tour with his own trio. […]

JPS Ep:159 – How To Self Assess Your Skills & Use Jazz Piano Tools To Make Consistent Progress

Give a person a fish and they eat for a day…teach a person to fish and they eat for a lifetime. This is exactly my approach with all student within Jazz Piano School. Learning jazz piano for a lifetime and NOT a day is about learning jazz piano tools and improving those tools within all the different categories. From there we can start to combine them to create amazing sounding atmospheres and textures. Check out this podcast for an overall plan and approach to learning jazz piano for a lifetime!

JPS Ep:154 – How to Reharmonize Like a Pro

Have you been looking for some new ways to harmonize with jazz chords? This one trick will help you reharmonize melodies like a pro! In this lesson, we will explore some new ways to move chromatically through the keyboard just like some of the greatest piano stylists!

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