300th Podcast Celebration: Live Zoom Q & A

You know you’ve been doing a podcast for a long time when you hit 300 episodes. Yes, I’ve been recording a podcast for jazz piano school for a little over 8 years now. In this live celebration you’ll see a live zoom Q & A hosted by the Jazz Piano School educators and I. The students had some amazing questions that we demonstrate and teach on. I know this will be well worth your time if you watch all the way through. Enjoy!

Gospel Passing Chords: 3 Easy Movements for Beginners

Jazz is obviously awesome with all it’s 7th chords but sometimes just using plain old simple triads can create beautiful music. By using these 3 different passing chord movements that step from gospel and church playing you can write and play gorgeous sounding music through simple experimentation. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to use these and integrate them into your playing. Enjoy!

If you want more in depth knowledge on following an easy, step-by-step plan, to learn how to play jazz piano register for my free masterclass at the link below.


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