The Greatest Beginner Solo Piano Tip in 1 Minute

This tip that I will teach you in literally one minute has the power to drastically change your solo piano sound instantly. Don’t believe me? Well there is only one thing I have left to say…try it. It isn’t for everyone because you might be well beyond this, but if you’re playing LH root position chords with RH single note melody lines…then you absolutely need to watch this.

Even if you think you’re an intermediate or advanced player, try to do this with some tunes. If you can’t…it might be a good time to working on your fundamentals so you can integrate this into your playing. This step will allow you to add many more advanced concepts into your playing with ease.

If you’re interested in learning more about my solo piano system and how it can help you quickly and easily change your solo piano performance go to the link below to get my free 3 part video workshop.

It’s very in depth and will give you a lot of amazing education you can work on today.

Daily Jazz Piano Practice: A 4 Step System

Download: MP3 Audio59 MB Facebook Twitter LinkedIn The number one issue I see students encounter when trying to learn jazz piano is overload of information. With the internet these days, you can find anything you want. But is that a good thing? Don’t count on it. You’re not the teacher, so you don’t really know […]

Jazz Piano Voicings For Comping: The 2 BEST Pro Voicings

A fellow musician who is learning how to play jazz piano mentioned that all the voicings he uses sound to thin. I asked him what voicings he was using. He said he was using a lot of drop 2’s and rootless voicings in the high register of the piano. BOOM. There is the issue. The number 1 issue in fact that students have when comping jazz on piano. Most videos, blogs, even teachers, teach about rootless voicings, or upper structure voicings that are all up high. Most students should actually begin they’re comping journey down low with these 2 voicings! Enjoy!

If you’re interested in receiving a free notated pdf of my 22 most favorite jazz piano voicings go to the link below.

LH Comping For Exercises: 4 Easy Methods

WP & YT Summary: Most jazz piano students have no control over their left hand while improvising. This can drastically take away from your improvisation sound. Most students also don’t even know HOW to fix this or what to do. In this video I’ll show you 4 very easy patterns and methods your LH can use while you improvise to ensure you sound like a pro.

Have you been trying to learn jazz piano with youtube videos, dvds, teachers but feel
like you’re still constantly guessing, can’t play any tunes without copying what someone else has played, and don’t know how to connect all the tid bits you’ve learned?

I went through the same thing but thankfully stumbled upon a learning system I created based on
proven language learning blocks.

The JPS System brings you through 4 main categories of learning,
Theory, Technique, Improvisation and Repertoire.

I’ll show you exactly how to utilize our popular system so
you can finally achieve jazz piano freedom:

Red Garland Transcription Analysis

Red Garland was one of the greatest jazz pianists to ever live. This transcription analysis covers the tune, “A Foggy Day”, and is off the album, “A Garland of Red”. This analysis is taken from directly inside my brand new Improvisation Mastery Specialty course which is now available for purchase at a discount by going to the link below.

Click the link below for more info.

How To Improvise Over Like Someone In Love

In this free lesson I’m going to walk you through how to improvise over the tune Like Someone In Love. This is taken directly from a live lesson that I gave to all the JPS members during the Tune of The Month Series that we do. If you’re interested in learning more about improvisation, go check out my new specialty course that’s being released called, Improvisation Mastery.

Click the link below for more info.

Jazz Piano Voicings Plan For 2023 (Part 3)

Summary: In part 3 of the 2023 planning series I’ll be covering a full spectrum plan to crush all the jazz piano voicings you could possibly need in 2023.

Voicings are necessary for all parts of jazz. Solo piano, improvisation, comping and so much more.

When you have a solid plan to improve your voicings you will be making progress across the board which is fantastic. This will translate to everything you do.

Don’t forget to grab the planning book below as I refer to the steps inside when teaching this lesson.

Solo Piano Blueprint for Jazz Piano (2023 Planning, Part 2)

We’re on to part 2 of our 2023 planning sessions. In this live stream lesson, I’ll be covering the full solo piano blueprint and plan you need to make serious progress in 2023.

If playing jazz solo piano is your goal, then you’ll definitely want to take detailed notes on this episode.

Don’t forget to go to the link below to get our free planning guide because I’m referring directly to the steps in this free guide for solo piano.

Jazz Piano Plan For 2023, Part 1

Download: MP3 Audio113 MB MP3 Audio113 MB Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What’s the first thing we do when we’re driving to a destination we’ve never been? Pull up the GPS of course.  Why? Because it gives us a map, a plan on how to get to our destination. Now what would happen if we didn’t do […]

The #1 Jazz Piano Improvisation Exercise

So if improvisation is spontaneous…how do we practice the art of spontaneity? There are a couple key points that make improvisation sound good. No matter how many fancy tools you throw on top like the blues scale, pentatonics, half whole, scale, lydian augemented scale, the foundation still applies. In this podcast I’ll show you the BEST improvisation exercise you can use through out your entire career no matter HOW good you get. I still use it to this day.