How To Fill Space: 3 Easy Ways You Can Use Right Now (Ep: 210)

Learn how to fill space with these 3 things that you can use right now

Jazz Piano School 3.0 including upgraded features, content, design annd more is being released on Monday, September 28th at 6am EST during our Open Enrollment period for new students. We’ve been closed for 11 months now and this release party is sure to be a doozy! Until then, dig into this week’s podcast on filling space with these 3 easy strategies. I dive deep here in to specifics. The when, the how, the why. This should be a great podcast lesson for you that is a must listen for every student. Enjoy!

Bebop Secrets: How to Develop Your Own Repertoire List (Ep: 209)

How to develop your own repertoire list

This week we are bringing you a sneak peek into our exclusive member content! This podcast lesson is an excerpt from our “JPS Pratice Workouts,” and discusses how to develop your own repertoire list. Developing your own repertoire list is essential to becoming a complete jazz pianist. Follow along for the inside scoop on how to get started!

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