Advanced: Lesson 48

Lesson 48 Goals: We close out the curriculum with an easy lesson including Pop/Rock style. Be sure to practice the Coltrane improv approaches as this will produce a great sound in your soloing. And we close out the Advanced Playing Concepts series.  Congrats on all your hard work!

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

Pop Rock Licks

Step 2.

Hexatonic Dominant 9, #11 (bVII+, I)

Step 3.

Pop/Rock Style

Step 4.

Popular Diminished Voicings 2

Step 5.

Pop/Rock Hey Jude

Step 6.

Hexatonic Dominant 9, #11 (bVII+, I)

Step 7.

Coltrane Changes Improv Approaches

Step 8.

Advanced Playing Concepts Part 4

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