Advanced: Lesson 46

Lesson 46 Goals: The R&B Style is very unique and is great to learn for playing gigs! The Coltrane Tune Up Reharm is a great reharm strategy to have under your hands at a moments notice. No pun intended 😉

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

R&B Licks

Step 2.

Hexatonic Dominant b9#11 Chords

Step 3.

Trane Lick #2

Step 4.

R&B Style

Step 5.

Major 7th Popular Voicings 2

Step 6.

Trane 251 Reharm

Step 7.

Just The Two Of Us Analysis

Step 8.

Hexatonic Dominant b9#11 Chords

Step 9.

Tune Up Reharm

Step 10.

Advanced Playing Concepts Part 2

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