Advanced: Lesson 45

Lesson 45 Goals: Pay close attention to the Advanced Playing Concepts series.  This will give you excellent nuggets of advice as we wrap up the last 4 lessons of the curriculum. Besides this we start the Coltrane series and work on New Orleans Street beat in this lesson. 

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

NO Street Beat Licks

Step 2.

Hexatonic Altered Chords

Step 3.

Trane Lick

Step 4.

NO Street Beat

Step 5.

Major 7th Popular Voicings

Step 6.

Trane Changes Intro

Step 7.

Trane Changes Connections

Step 8.

NO Street Beat

Step 9.

Hexatonic Altered Chords (bV, bVI)

Step 10.

Advanced Playing Concepts Part 1

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