Advanced: Lesson 42

Lesson 42 Goals: The funk style, 12/8 time signature and LH dominant voicings are of most importance in this lesson. Work on implemting some of the LH dominant voicings into the tune “I Wish” as you’re learning it. 

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

Funk Licks

Step 2.

Hexatonic Major 7th Augmented

Step 3.

12-8 Time Signature Lick

Step 4.

Funk Style

Step 5.

Dominant LH Voicings

Step 6.

Minor Popular Voicings  2

Step 7.

12-8 Time Signature

Step 8.

Funk Style – I Wish

Step 9.

12-8 Blues Style

Step 10.

Hexatonic Major 7th

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