Advanced: Lesson 41

Lesson 41 Goals: A lot of new education. Work on the latin music feel and learn Mantecca and Girl From Ipanema. Also focus on the 3/4 time signature as you’ll play lots of tunes in this meter. Implement a couple LH voicings at a time in step 7. This LH voicing series will continue for 3 lessons. 

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

Dominant Montuno

Step 2.

Minor Montuno

Step 3.

2-5-1 Montuno

Step 4.

Hexatonic Augmented 7th Chords (bVII+, I+)

Step 5.

3-4 Time Signature Lick

Step 6.

Latin Music

Step 7.

LH Minor Voicings

Step 8.

Popular Voicings Minor #1 

Step 9.

3-4 Time Signature

Step 10.


Step 11.

Girl From Ipanema

Step 12.

Hexatonic Augmented 7th Chords (bVII+, I+) Improv

Step 13.

3-4 Improv

Step 14.

LH Minor Voicings

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