Advanced: Lesson 37

Lesson 37 Goals: Lots of information in this lesson. Drop 2 with extensions and Upper Structure triad steps are musts in this lesson. Besides that pick and choose based on what tools and skills you need to improve. 

Overview Video

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

Hexatonic b7Maj & 1 Maj

Step 2.

b5 Pentatonic

Step 3.

Modes in 4ths

Step 4.

Minor 4th Voicings

Step 5.

4th Voicing Movements

Step 6.

Drop 2 Voicings w/ Extensions

Step 7.

Upper Structure Triads Intro

Step 8.

Minor 7th Upper Structure Triads

Step 9.

Hexatonic b7maj & 1maj Improv

Step 10.

b5 Pentatonic Improv

Step 11.

Upper Structure Improv

Step 12.

Just Friends Solo Piano Analysis 1

Step 13.

4th Voicing App

Step 14.

Drop 2 w/ Extensions App

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