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1) The Jazz Piano School Podcast

Every Wednesday, we release a new episode of our podcast, ‘The Jazz Piano School podcast’, with a new free lesson about improv lines, voicings, the blues and so much more.

You can listen or watch the latest episode here.

2) Lick of The Week

If you’re looking for improv ideas, this is the BEST place to spark motivation. Every week we release a new lick from a jazz piano giant so you can learn and add new vocab to your improvisation.

Click here to view all the licks!

3) Jazz Piano School Youtube Channel

If you’re looking for a chance to ask me questions and get live lessons completely free, you’re going to want to subscribe to my JPS Youtube Channel. I host free live streams to interact with everyone and you can also check out the MASSIVE archive in the channel as well.

Click here to visit the Jazz Piano School Youtube Channel

4) Jazz Piano School Membership

Jazz Piano School is packed with everything you need to play jazz piano like you’ve always dreamed of. A full step by step curriculum, live lessons, specialty courses, live educators and so much more.

Become a member here.

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