Learn The Rhythmic Feel And Notation Of Swing

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Learning the swing feel in jazz can be frustrating when you’re first starting out. What gives jazz that feeling that makes you want to dance? Why do you feel like taping your foot every time you listen to an album. I’m sure you know because of the title of this blog, but yes, it’s the swing feel in jazz. That … Read More

5 Jazz Piano Doubts Reversed.

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Every unknown skill or topic has myths behind it that we all as individuals tend to create in our minds. This may be from our own creative brain power, or from a friend who is feeding us these terrible ideas. Have you ever heard “Oh you can’t do that, those guys are born able to do that.” Or, “They started … Read More

How To Decipher Jazz Fake Book Charts!

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So maybe you’ve read my posts on triads and 7th chords. Hopefully you have. Hopefully you have practiced the triads and 7th chords. If you have, then you are ready for this post! If not, you can still learn from the post, you will just need to learn your chords first before reading any charts. First of all, a jazz … Read More

4 Considerations for Jazz Piano Comping (Written by Dr. Samuel Griffith, trombone)

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1) Time Beginning jazz pianists frequently forget, ignore, and devalue the importance of comping IN TIME. This should be the number one consideration when comping! If a pianist comps with bad time, or is playing out of time, the power of everything they do is lessened. Sometimes, even more experienced players will sacrifice time to showcase interesting voicings, unique rhythm … Read More

Introduction To 7th Chords

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Do you ever walk into a restaurant and hear someone playing the piano, and just wonder how they get those juicy jazz sounds? Or maybe you hear a song on a movie that sets the perfect kind of atmosphere for a 1950’s scene. Those harmonies (chords) that you are hearing are mainly 7th chords! And let me tell you something … Read More

The 6 Most Important Steps To Booking More Gigs

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There’s one thing that always makes me chuckle when I meet someone new. It’s the moment they ask me what I do for work. In our society everyone is judged by what we “do”. People who work a 9-5 are almost more respected then someone who creates their own business and has free time to do whatever he or she … Read More