Short Diminished Line Series (LOTW #110)

Diminished chords seem to stump a lot of students. This week all be adding a lot of excellent sounding lines you can play over a diminished chord that are simple as well. Enjoy!

Short Minor Line Series – Modern Approach (LOTW #107)

Here is a more modern sounding line to use and integrate. This is a great one because you can take this pattern and use the same movements over other chords or starting areas. For example start the pattern on the note D or C. Finally got my keyboard set up after moving. New office and […]

Short Dominant Line Series – Sharp 11 (LOTW #105)

This dominant line includes the #11 in the line which makes for a nice color. It eventually resolved down to the fifth in some what of a delayed resolution. Experiment with adding the #11 in to your dominant lines in various ways.