Substitute Hip Chords for 3-6-2-5 Using the “Ladybird” Turnaround – TTT #18

The 3-6-2-5 chord progression is integral to playing jazz standards and improvising. When things begin to seem repetitive or too familiar, you can spice up the progression by adding alternate chord changes. This chord progression from Tadd Dameron’s standard tune “Ladybird” uses alternate chords a tritone away from the original roots of the 3-6-2-5, resulting […]

Short Diminished Line Series (LOTW #110)

Diminished chords seem to stump a lot of students. This week all be adding a lot of excellent sounding lines you can play over a diminished chord that are simple as well. Enjoy!

Short Minor Line Series – Modern Approach (LOTW #107)

Here is a more modern sounding line to use and integrate. This is a great one because you can take this pattern and use the same movements over other chords or starting areas. For example start the pattern on the note D or C. Finally got my keyboard set up after moving. New office and […]

Short Dominant Line Series – Sharp 11 (LOTW #105)

This dominant line includes the #11 in the line which makes for a nice color. It eventually resolved down to the fifth in some what of a delayed resolution. Experiment with adding the #11 in to your dominant lines in various ways.

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