Erroll Garner’s Swinging Lines on “I’ll Remember April” (LOTW #135)

Erroll Garner swings in a league of his own on his famous recording “Concert by the Sea.”  He treads the line between bebop and swing, and his chromatic and adventurous lines lead him to new destinations every time! CLICK HERE TO GET A TRANSCRIPTION OF THE LICK If you have questions or suggestions for […]

Keith Jarrett’s Ballad Stylings on “Danny Boy” (LOTW #134)

Keith Jarrett interprets the traditional Irish Ballad “Danny Boy” with a personal touch at this Tokyo solo concert from 2002.  He uses voicings that you don’t hear every day, some including major 9ths and passing tones. Note how he throws in his personal flair with a reharmonization in the 5th bar!  When compared to Bill […]

LOTW #133 – Bill Evans’ Rubato Stylings on “Danny Boy”

Bill Evans interprets the traditional ballad “Danny Boy” showcasing his elegant piano style and beautiful voicings. Note how he presents the melody with advanced harmonies and splits the voicings between two hands with the flexibility to maintain the melody. Bill Evans shows his mastery in this recording, the rest of this track is definitely worth […]

Burning Oscar Peterson Lick (LOTW #136)

Oscar Peterson is undoubtedly one of the most burning piano players out there. What is his secret?  If we look at this lick from “Softly as in a Morning Sunrise,” we can notice by putting it on the keyboard that it actually fits in the hand very naturally.  While it is certainly virtuosic, it is […]

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