Beginner: Lesson 09

Lesson 9 Goals: Learn about Minor 7th b5 Chords. Step #2 – Diatonic Harmony – VERY IMPORTANT. Voiceleading 7th chord inversions will help your chord transitions. How to analyze chords within a tune and finally your very FIRST IMPROVISATION step!

Lesson Steps

Step 1.

Minor 7th b5 Chords

Step 2.

Diatonic Harmony

Step 3.

Voiceleading 7th Chord Inversions

Step 4.

7th Chord Arpeggiations

Step 5.

Take The A-Train: #6 RH Melody, LH Chords & Bass Notes

Step 6.

Analyze Chord Changes

Step 7.

Key Changes Within A Tune

Step 8.

Improv With Chord Tones