The Only Online Step-By-Step Jazz Piano Curriculum Being Used in Colleges and Universities that Teaches All Levels With Structure,
 Organization, and Direction.
The reason JPS has helped thousands of students achieve success at learning jazz piano is due to our systematic and structured learning approach.
Most common styles of jazz piano education have you copy, mimic or playback, different licks, transcriptions, voicings, and arrangements of standards.

This can lead to holes or gaps in your playing and hardly any self-expression freedom...not to mention frustration and self-doubt.
Jazz Piano School provides you with a different learning approach...
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1. Jazz Piano School starts by teaching you a Theory Tool.
2. A Technique exercise is applied that relates to the previously learned Theory Tool.
3. Improvisation concepts are taught that relate to our Theory Tool.
4. Our study in the previous 3 categories is now applied to Repertoire.
Our learning system begins by teaching small jazz piano Theory tools that progress through categories. 

This ensures success and complete FREEDOM at jazz piano. 
The Only Online Step-By-Step Jazz Piano Curriculum Being Used in Colleges and Universities that Teaches All Levels With Structure,
 Organization, and Direction. 
600 + Lesson Videos On Any Device
(Two keyboard view with note names)
Step-By-Step Learning. No Guesswork
Built For Any Level
Choose Your Learning Style
Step-by-Step or Course Library
3400+ pg's of Practice Exercises 
641+ pg's of Workbook Exercises 
537+ pg's of Lesson Text 
Live Gig Analysis With Course Examples
Beginner Contents Summary
Intermediate Contents Summary
Advanced Contents Summary
Unlimited Updates & Upgrades From JPS
600 + Lesson Videos On Any Device
(Two keyboard view with note names)
Step-By-Step Learning. No Guesswork
Built For Any Level
Choose Step-By-Step Or Library Learning
3400+ Pages of Practice Exercises 
641+ Pages of Workbook Exercises 
537+ Pages of Lesson Text 
Live Gig Analysis With Course Examples
Private JPS Facebook Group Community Access
Beginner Contents Summary
Intermediate Contents Summary
Advanced Contents Summary
Unlimited Updates & Upgrades
Can I really learn jazz piano online?
Absolutely! We provide you with all the materials to get you from point A to point B. How do we know? Because thousands before you have asked the same question and experienced the learning process first hand. 
Can I cancel my monthly membership at any time?
Of course. We want you to be as comfortable as possible while at JPS. If unforeseen circumstances arise and you need to cancel, simply contact us and we will cancel your account immediately. 
I know nothing about jazz. Can I still learn?
Yes! JPS designed for someone who knows absolutely zilch about jazz. As long as you have very, very basic piano skills, you can begin with the Jazz Piano School Beginner level and make tremendous progress.
What do I do if I need help or don't understand?
The bonus Facebook group is filled with amazing jazz pianists who have worked through the entire course. They are eagerly helping new members every day! You can post your questions here and you will get all the help you need. (Plus I answer questions as well.) 
What is the difference between a monthly and yearly option?
The monthly plan is paid on a month to month basis where as with the yearly plan you pay for a year upfront and save money. You can cancel whenever you'd like with both plans. If you cancel during your year plan, you will still have access until your year is finished.  
How long does the course take to go through?
The entire JPS is very dense in order to build the strongest jazz pianist possible. It is a self paced course meaning there is not a timeline. The more time you have to put in, the more you'll get out of it. 
I'm very busy. How many hours a day do I need to spend?
The reason people don't learn is usually not because of time. Most of the time it's because they don't do it CONSISTENTLY. With only ten minutes a day you can make optimal progress from Jazz Piano School. 
Are the materials available to print out?
Yes. Once you join Jazz Piano School, all of the practice exercises, workbook exercises, and lesson text is yours to keep forever! You can download the pdf's and view them however you'd like. 
Will I be able to join later?
You can join on this page whenever the time is right for you. 
What are specialty courses? 
Not everyone wants to build all of their jazz piano skills. Although our students make the most amount of progress with our Main Course Curriculum, some students want to work on one subject. This is why we created the JPS Specialty Courses. These courses are specialized education on one topic.
is Perfect for You if...
  You’ve tried to learn jazz piano but never really understood what was going on. VERY CONFUSED!

  You’re looking for structured, systematic, step by step jazz piano education. 

  You don’t understand why you can’t make progress with books, dvd, youtube, and teachers and everything seems so hard. 

  You never EXACTLY know what to practice or what you should be learning to improve your jazz piano skills .

  You’re frustrated with not having a road map to follow that will ensure consistent progress. You love the music but you feel like quitting. 

  You enjoy organization and clear direction.

  You've been studying with the same teacher, or other online jazz piano site for years and still feel lost.

  You never completely understand what you're playing or how to connect the dots, even when learning from different educational resources.

If any of the statements above resonate with your path, then you are the perfect person to enroll in Jazz Piano School. Here is how to get started...
Main Course 600+ Video Curriculum (Most Popular)
Our Main Course Curriculum is our ultimate jazz piano learning experience. Currently being used in colleges, high schools, & private homes around the world. 

With the JPS Main Course membership you receive:

  • 600+ Learning & Practice Videos
  • Our 48 Lesson Curriculum containing all three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Start anywhere you wish with out recommendation. 
  • Full Journey & Library Access
  • 3400+ Practice Exercises (Available to download, print & keep.)
  • 641+ Workbook Exercises
  • 537+ Pages of Lesson Text
  • Gig Analysis w/ Course Examples
  • Unlimited Upgrades
  • Private JPS Facebook Community Access
  • Unlimited Tickets & Support
If you have any questions about Jazz Piano School, please email
Jazz Piano School 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Don't worry, all Jazz Piano School products come with a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchase. No questions asked, no hassle, no pressure. If you are unsatisfied with the product in anyway, simply let us know and we will refund your purchase in full within the first 30 days from your day of purchase. 
Individual Specialty Courses
Our Specialty Courses cover every nook and cranny of one particular topic. 

This allows for students to go deeper into this specialty that may need more work or they simply have more interest for. 

We currently have one specialty course available below with more upcoming this year.

The Solo Piano System™
The Solo Piano System™ Specialty Course provides you with all the components necessary to tackle any tempo and style jazz standard you wish. 

We provide a detailed road map of exactly how to arrange both your hands for all harmonic circumstances that may arise in order to create a rich, lush, sounding solo piano sound every time.  

  • 11 Core Lessons & 130 Videos
  • Practice & Workbook Exercises
  • Lesson Text
  • Interactive Soundslice Notation Software
Lesson Plan
  • #1 - The 6 Step Learning Tunes Process
  • #2 - 6 LH Solo Piano Components
  • #3 - RH Harmonization Methods
  • #4 - Extensions Overview
  • #5 - 7 Step Arranging Process
  • #6 - Adding Extensions into The Arranging Process
  • #7 - How To Establish & Hold Time
  • #8  - How To Fill Space
  • #9 - Approaching Tempos & Styles
  • #10 - Accompaniment For Improvisation
  • #11 - 7 Tune Analysis & Walkthrough
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